Oona Laurence (Born August 2002) is an American child actress who has played Matilda on Broadway. She shared the role with Sophia Gennusa, Bailey Ryon and Milly Shapiro. On the Broadway cd, she performed I'm Here with Ben Thompson and Story 2: The Great Day Arrived. On the deluxe cd, all 4 actresses recorded a special version of Naughty.


Oona's debut was in her dad's experimental film Day's Dance. Her first leading role was in the short film Penny Dreadful playing Little Girl, who has been kidnapped. On stage, Oona has played Cathy Ann Gutherie in Woody Gutherie Dreams, Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird and appearing in Seussical. She has been voted "Best Performer" for her role as the Philosophical Banana in The Cosmic Fruitbowl. Matilda is Oona's Broadway debut and for Matilda she has sung for: The View, had a solo at the 67th Annual Tony Awards and performed with her fellow Matildas at Michael and Kelly.


Scout - To Kill a Mockingbird Cathy Ann Gutherie - Woody Gutherie Dreams. Little Girl - Penny Dreadful

Personal LifeEdit

Oona is a native to New York and attends Harkness Dance Centre on scholarship. She studies: Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet and Modern dance. Still living in NY, she is 11 years old and is in her first year of middle school.

Did you know?: Laurence is Oona's stage name.

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Naughty by Oona Laurence

Naughty by Oona Laurence