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All of the Matilda's up to September 2013

Matilda Wormwood is the title character in Matilda the Musical. Because of the size of the role, four girls currently play Matilda in the West End and on Broadway.


She's extraordinarily intelligent for her age, and harbors a love for books, unlike her television-addicted parents. She eventually develops a close bond with her teacher, Miss Honey, the first relatable adult to recognize her abilities. She's the first person to stand up to her fearsome headmistress, Miss Trunchbull.

Unlike the film, the musical adaptation emphasizes her imagination and ability to tell stories, rather than her telekenesis. She frequently visits Mrs. Phelps at the library to tell her the story of an incredible Acrobat and Escapologist. Throughout the story, she discusses their new feat: "The Burning Woman Hurling Through the Air With Dynamite in Her Hair Over Sharks and Spikey Objects Caught By the Man Locked in the Cage."


The four original West End Matildas shared the Best Actress in a Musical Olivier Award in 2012. Eleanor Worthington-Cox, at age 10, is the youngest recipient of the award ever.

The four Broadway Matildas were ineligible for a Tony nomination for their work, and instead will receive a Tony Honor for Excellence in Theatre.


Matilda is currently played by Evie Hone, Anna-Louise Knight, Lara McDonnell and Lizzie Well in the West End. On Broadway Matilda is played by Mattea Confoti, Riliegh McDonald, MiMi Ryder and Alexandra Vlachos.

They all play Matilda 2 performances a week.